Ashley Judd Prepping for Possible Senate Bid In 2014

Ashley Judd Senate Campaign Kentucky McConnell

Ashley Judd seems to be laying the groundwork to join the long list of actors-turned-politicians by preparing for a possible campaign for senator in Kentucky in 2014.

Judd, daughter of country singer Naomi Judd and half sister of Wynonna Judd, is perhaps best known for her acting career, but she has also dedicated much of her time to humanitarian efforts as well as political activism.

Though she was born in California, Ashley spent most of her childhood in Kentucky, although her primary residence is now a farmhouse in Tennessee given to her from half-sister Wynonna around 1993.

While supporting Obama’s presidential bid in 2012, she attended the 2012 Democratic National Convention as a delegate from Tennessee. Then, this week Judd met with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Washington, according to Politico.

She also recently invited her followers on Twitter to sign up for her mailing list with this enticing Tweet:

Your friends would be so into this, share it!

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According to CBS, when rumors started to spread that Judd was considering challenging incumbent Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, a spokesman for the senator said he welcomed the challenge and that he was a fan of her movies.

Mitch McConnell is the current Senate Minority Leader and the longest-serving senator in conservative Kentucky. With McConnell seen as a Washington “insider,” Judd could pose a real threat if she throws her hat in the ring, framing the contest in terms of inside vs. outside the political sphere, as opposed to conservative vs. liberal in the traditionally anti-Washington state.

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