Assemblyman Dov Hikind Apologizes For Blackface Costume

Dov Hikind

New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind issued an apology Monday morning for wearing a blackface-type costume to a Jewish party. Doc Hikind at first defended his costume despite criticism made against him saying in his blog that, “It was Purim. People dress up.”

The New York State Assemblyman was criticized for dressing in blackface with an Afro wig and a basketball jersey that he took to a costume party. According to Metro, colleagues like assemblyman Karim Camara denounced Hikind’s outfit, calling Hikind’s outfit “callous and repugnant.”


Karim added, “At the very least, an apology should be issued to those who found his portrayal objectionable.”

Democratic Speaker Sheldon Silver also gave his views on Hikind’s actions, telling The New York Times it was “inappropriate and offensive.”

The assemblyman wrote on his blog saying that it wasn’t his intention to hurt anyone and that he was only wearing it for ceremonial purposes. Here’s what he wrote:

Assemblyman Dov Hikind's Blog Post

At a news conference in his Brooklyn home, Hikind told reporters that he promises to be “a little more careful, a little more sensitive.” He also said, “I repeat, it was not meant in any way hurt anyone. And those that were? I’m sorry. That was not my intention.”

Dov Hikind has been known for defending his Jewish faith and being against racial profiling, despite his recent actions. In early February, Hikind criticized fashion designer John Galliano, who was photographed being dressed as a Hasid. He told the New York Post, “If it was just anyone else, I wouldn’t know what to say. But considering who this guy is, considering his background and what he’s said in the past, let him explain it to all of us: Are you mocking us?

On Jan. 31, Dov Hiklind issued a statement in Brooklyn College for an investigation on a college movement that is against Israel and its businesses. On his blog, he said, “We need to ensure that all students’ freedom of speech remains unhampered… not just the free speech of students belonging to select groups.”

According to CBS, Dov Hikland was also against same-sex marriages after New York legalized it in 2011 saying that “gay marraige is wrong in the eyes of God.”

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