Best Winter Storm Nemo Videos On Youtube

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Winter Storm Nemo has caused major power outages, accidents and thousands of flight cancellations and is still pounding the Northeast with tons of snow. Check out some of the best footage of the historic blizzard.

This group of friends got the best seat in the house for watching cars make fools out of themselves for trying to drive in the storm. Several vehicles, including snow plows and buses, are seen desperately struggling to make it across an overpass. Let the slipin’ n’ slidin’ begin! Check it out.

Here’s a pretty cool time lapse of the first several hours of Nemo. It’s definitely worth checking out.

This video is footage from a 19-car pile-up in Falmouth, Maine. Pretty gnarly damage.

This is a mildly entertaining rendition of the Harlem Shake in the midst of the winter storm.

Lastly, this is footage of a tree that has fallen in the front of some guy’s yard due to the blizzard. The photographer is pretty shaken up by the incident.

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