Insult to injury! Bus Carrying Stranded Cruise Ship Passengers Breaks Down

cruise ship Bus Breaks Down, Carnival triumph bus, Gulf of Mexico

Photo via Roxy Vallier

CBS News reports that some of the stranded passengers who were on board the Carnival Triumph cruise ship (from hell) were given more insult to add to their considerable injury when their bus broke down. The bus was taking passengers from the port of Mobile, Alabama, to New Orleans.

The trip to New Orleans was one of the options offered by Carnival. Once there, passengers will spend a night in a hotel before a charter flight to the ship’s port in Galveston, Texas. The other options were to take a bus straight to Texas or arrange to be picked up in Mobile, Alabama.

The bus passengers were stranded on a Texas highway for more than an hour in complete darkness — something the passengers of the Triumph are more than used to at this stage.

The Triumph Carnival passengers were stranded in the Gulf of Mexico since Sunday in deplorable conditions after an engine room fire caused a power failure.

Photo via Clark Jones

Passenger Clark Jones tweets a pic from the bus the broke down, via @IamClarkJones

In a wonderful [sic] PR move Carnival have said that some of their customers were exaggerating the conditions the passengers were put through. Lending credence to the popular slogan: “The Customer is Always Wrong.”

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