Christopher Dorner ‘Sighting’ at San Diego Mall; Person in Custody

UPDATE 1:36 p.m. EST:

There’s been a possible sighting of alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner in a San Diego mall, and one person has been taken into custody, NBC San Diego is reporting. Officials since confirmed the suspect was NOT Christopher Dorner.

The mall is Westfield Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego.

Christoper Jordan Dorner, cop killer, sighted in a San Diego mall,  Big Bear., Manhunt.

Westfield Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego

This another in the list of misinformed sightings of Dorner that have occured since the former Navy Lieutenant and LAPD Officer began his terrifying rampage. LAPD mistakenly thought two women delivering the LA Times resembled Dorner, and opened fire. A brief stand-off ensued at a San Diego motel yesterday when a man who vaguely looked like Dorner was spotted there. Nevada Highway Patrol were also on standby yesterday for fears that Dorner would make his way east.

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