LAPD Responding to Christopher Dorner ‘Sighting’ in Northridge

christopher dorner sighting northridge

Los Angeles police are scrambling officers to the Northridge neighborhood after another possible sighting of Christopher Dorner, the scorned ex-LAPD cop whose alleged killing spree has sparked the largest manhunt in California history.

The L.A. Daily News reports cops have set up a command post:

Police received a tip at 3:33 p.m. about a possible Dorner sighting at Plummer Street and Corbin Avenue, near the Northridge Fashion Center … The command post is set up [at] Nordhoff Street and Shirley Avenue, and police have established a wide perimeter that includes the entire shopping district …

Previous sightings have proven to be false alarms.

Dorner, a Navy-trained marksman, has allegedly killed three people in a revenge spree motivated by his dismissal from the LAPD in 2008 after he accused a superior of kicking a demented suspect. Last weekend, he allegedly killed the daughter of a former captain, and her fiance, then implicated himself with a rambling manifesto he posted to Facebook. The manifesto named several additional targets with connections to the department and warned that he was armed to the teeth and ready for a war.

Then, as a manhunt mobilized, he allegedly shot a cop who was guarding one of his targets, then randomly ambushed two cops who were not involved in the manhunt — killing one and wounding the other.

Late last week cops found his burned-out pickup truck in Big Bear, California, and tracked him in the snow wilderness. But they admitted they don’t know where he really is.

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