Duke Fraternity Suspended After Party Is Dubbed ‘Racist Rager’

duke asian party

Duke University has found themselves in the headlines recently, and it’s not for sports.

The Kappa Sigma fraternity at Duke has been suspended by its parent organization after photos appeared online of people dressed in Asian-style clothing were seen as racist.

The fraternity threw an Asian-themed party, and partygoers were seen wearing conical hats, kimonos and an inflatable sumo wrestling suit.

On Tuesday, the Asian Student Alliance distributed flyers on campus that showed the frat’s party invitations and photos of attendees, both prominently featuring offensive Asian-stereotypes. Then on Wednesday, students held a protest rally and was attended by 500 people, as reported by Duke University newspaper The Chronicle.

This is not the first racial controversy that Duke has faced. Back in November of last year, the Duke athletic department posted a picture of the women’s lacrosse team from Halloween in which one of the girls was dressed in blackface. The official Duke website!

duke blackface

Get it together, Duke.

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