Eight-Year-Old Girl Filmed Driving Her Dad’s Audi [VIDEO]

Another example of “perfect parenting” has surfaced and this time it shows an eight-year-old girl driving her dad’s Audi A6 vehicle while the father rides shotgun. The smooth, jazzy tune playing in the background surely didn’t amuse St. Petersburg police, who are now investigating the father, Dmitry Mikulchik.

The video shows the eight-year-old girl, Anastasia Mikulchik, driving more than 60 miles per hour while her father tells her to “give it some more gas.” Another scary scene occurs when the father was forced to grab the steering wheel (TWICE!) as his daughter starts to veer across the road. The mother of the girl, Yelena Mikulchik, originally uploaded the video and is now under investigation herself.

A spokesman for the St. Petersburg police gave this statement on this troubling video:

It is quite blatantly in breach of all traffic laws. We are trying to identify the parents who appear to have put many lives at risk.

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