Giggly Girl Who Flipped Off Judge Tries Crying This Time & Avoids Jail

The girl who giggled at, cussed out and flipped off a Florida judge this week — prompting him to slap her with a 30 day jail term in a video that went viral — apologized in court today and avoided her sentence.

On Monday, Penelope Soto was giddy, sassy and wild. Today, was subdued and weeping — just the way the judge likes it.

Here she is on Monday:

Appearing on a charge of Xanax possession, Soto glibly giggled her way through Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat’s questions, told him “Adios,” which prompted the Hispanic justice to raise her bond, then told him to “f*ck” himself and flipped him off, prompting a knee-jerk 30-day jail sentence.

Now, here she is in court today, tearfully begging forgiveness as her family looks on:

The judge dropped her sentence.

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