Google Street View Takes Photo of Couple Having Sex

Google street view takes picture of people having sex, Krakatoa store, Briançon, France

So be careful when you’re about to get down and dirty with your significant other, Big Brother, oops I mean Google, might be watching. This racy image was taken at a Krakatoa store in Briançon, France, The Daily Mirror reports.

As part of Google’s extension to “Street View”, “Business Photos” allows potential consumers the opportunity to look inside a store before giving them any business. You can check out regular things such as ambiance, displays, stock-levels, whether or not the fitting rooms are suitable for nookie, you know, the usual.

Google has since removed the image, at first they merely blurred it.

Google street view takes picture of people having sex, Krakatoa store, Briançon, France

Business photos was introduced in October 2011 and according to Google’s FAQs:

How can Business Photos help my business?

When potential customers search for your business by name on Google, they will see the images displayed directly on the search results page. These panoramic images will also be published on Google+ Local pages, Google Maps and other Google properties and give customers a better sense of the layout, decor and beauty of your business interior. Using easy-to-use html snippets or Maps APIs, you can also link to these images from your own business website, attracting potential customers who visit your website too.

This raunchy pic was taken in the mountain ski resort of Briancon, France. A small community of about 2,000 permanent residents. In Google’s Business Photos FAQ it declares that:

Trusted Photographers and photographers from Trusted Agencies are trained to take high quality photos of building interiors, accommodating for common challenges such as low lighting and tight spaces.

With all of these skills it’s curious as to why the “trusted photographer” from this small town in the French alps didn’t deem the sight of two people apparently canoodling in front of inappropriate for Google’s “Business Photos.”

Update 1:43 p.m. It seems Krakatoa have admitted to have some fun while the Google photos were being taken.

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