Great-Grandma Saves 2-Year-Old’s Life as Tornado Flattens House

Great Grandma Saves Boy

An 80-year-old great-grandmother named Betty Stewart is being hailed for her heroic efforts after a violent tornado hit her home in north Georgia and she miraculously saved the life of her 2-year-old great-grandson.

Steward shielded the toddler from the tornado’s wrath, wrapping tiny Zane McFarland in a quilt and protecting his body her own as the vicious twister violently lifted their Georgia County home off its foundation, slammed it against two nearby trees, and hurled Betty and Zane through the air.

Stewart was reportedly still grasping on tightly to Zane when they were both found. And Stewart literally broke her back to save the boy.

Great Grandmother Saves Boy

Betty Stewart with two-year-old Zane McFarland

Both Stewart and Zane were whipped away by the tornado and found several yards from the wreckage, which was located along Georgia State Route 53.

Betty Stewart’s nephew, Kenneth, said Zane’s father left Zane in her care so he could head to work in Atlanta. Stewart agreed to watch Zane on Wednesday morning, which fell on the day of the tornado hitting their home.

Hayes spoke to WSBTV about his Stewart’s heroic act:

She fought a tornado, and she won. She said to Zane, ‘I’m not going to let you go.’ She doesn’t remember anything else, except somebody found her in the road. She remembers somebody talking to her when she was out in the middle of the road, and she didn’t let go of him.

Hayes also spoke about Stewart’s injuries and how he hopes to bring her to church service this Sunday:

She’s got a broke back in two places, a broken femur. The skin is gone from one hand down to her elbow. She has bleeding on the brain, cuts all over. She’s black and blue all over. We may have to bring the church to her, but she’ll be in church.

As for Zane, he reportedly suffered a broken femur and underwent surgery. He is lying in a body cast, but his father said he may be released from the hospital soon.

Video footage of the boy recovering from his injuries can be seen above.

This story is just one of the many accounts of heroes saving young children during a tornado. Last year, Indiana woman Stephanie Decker lost both her legs after she protected her children while a twister ravaged their home.

Her story can be viewed below: