Lil Wayne: I Got Kicked Out of Heat Game for Cheering for the Lakers

Lil wayne heat game

Lil Wayne says his support of the L.A. Lakers got him kicked out of a Miami Heat game, but a fan says Wayne got booted for making a “gun gesture.”

On Sunday afternoon, Lil Wayne tweeted about his exit from the game at 4 p.m. that day:

However, a fan who was present at the same game says Lil Wayne was kicked out of the game for another reason:

Instagram user “dreamteammiami” posted a photo of Wayne being kicked out of the arena.

Miami Heat spokeswoman Lorrie-Ann Diaz sent an e-mail to USA Today stating that Lil Wayne wasn’t kicked out of the game; he chose to leave himself. She didn’t clarify if the rapper was approached by security before leaving, though.

Lil Wayne Lakers

Lil Wayne’s presence at basketball games doesn’t seem to go over very well with team officials. In June of last year, Lil Wayne wasn’t allowed entry into a Western Conference finals game in Oklahoma City. Wayne cited racism as the reason behind him not being able to attend the game.

Wayne spoke to the Associated Press about the situation and the player who made an effort to support him:

It’s the players stepping up, but, of course, the players aren’t white. I don’t want to be sitting there on behalf of you and I’m sitting next to a (person) that’s like ‘I don’t want this (guy) sitting next to me.’ (Forget) you … I’m in Forbes.

Oklahoma City Thunder spokesman Dan Mahoney stated that Wayne was denied entry due to him not having a ticket for the sold-out game. He spoke to USA Today, stating:

We’d love to have him at a game, but like anyone else, he needs a ticket.

Relations have reportedly improved between Wayne and Oklahoma City team officials since he attended an NBA finals game in Oklahoma City afterwards.

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