Maryland Bill Lets Cops Track Your Cell Phone with NO WARRANT

cell phone tracking

I’ve seen enough Law & Order to know that this is already common police practice.

The government in Maryland is considering a bill that would allow police to use cell phone tracking without first obtaining a warrant.

FoxNews reports that yesterday, fthose who opposed House Bill 377 spoke in a House judiciary committee hearing, claiming that the bill would lower what constitutes probable cause for tracking mobile devices. Those in favor of the new bill say it will provide a standard for aiding police in locating people involved in an investigation in real-time.

Last year, the US Supreme Court decided that search warrants must be obtained before police can use GPS to track suspects. But that ruling didn’t address probable cause or a warrant to locate someone through location records, so this practice has become widely used throughout Maryland.

Location records refer to how cell phones register their position with cell towers and mobile companies collect this data.

Sara Love, public policy director for the ACLU, says the organization opposes bill 377.

But still, supporters say that the bill could help police find missing people or kidnapped children, and is not intrusive since the information is obtained from a third party.

So ditch your cellphone the next time you kidnap someone. Problem solved.

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