WATCH: Matt Damon Claims He’s Giving Up Using the Toilet

In a press conference, co-founder of Matt Damon announced he was going on strike: “Until everyone has access to clear water and sanitation … I will not go to the bathroom.” Alright, so it was a fake news conference — but its message is very much real. is a non-profit advocacy group which strives to provide hundreds of communities in Africa, Asia and Central America clean water and sanitation. As Matt Damon states in the very comical fake news conference, 780 million (2 times the population of the USA) lack access to clean water. A whopping 2.5 billion lack access to a toilet — a harrowing fact considering most diseases are caused by fecal matter.

The viral fake news conference video launches the “Strike With Me” campaign; a movement which strives ignite the internet and pressure Washington to increase funding for water projects in Africa, Asia and the Central America.

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