U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier is Haunted, Say Paranormal Investigators

The Chillseekers say they have proof that the USS Hornet CVS-12 is Haunted

Paranormal investigations have become pretty commonplace in recent years, and if you’re familiar with them you know that any little detail that’s picked up can and will be read into too deeply. That said, the ChillSeekers, a group of paranormal investigators, have more compelling evidence than is the norm. Still, it’s in that same league.

According to the Daily Mail, the ChillSeekers are certain that the decommissioned US Navy aircraft carrier USS Hornet CV-12 is haunted, and they have a few minutes of video “proof.” In the clip, their crew explores the ship in total darkness and asks questions to any spirit that may be aboard. They have with them a “spirit box,” which picks up on radio frequencies that paranormal beings are said to use to communicate.

In the video, the ChillSeekers start by making it clear to any paranormal beings that they are not aboard to cause distress or harm. They ask questions of the former passengers of the ship and get a few answers, some direct and some cryptic. Lead investigator Carissa asks if it’s nice to see women on board, to which a crackly “It’s good,” can be heard in reply. When she asks the name of the ship, a faint “U.S. Navy” can be heard, and when a fellow investigator asks, “Who am I?” the supposed ghost replies correctly with, “You’re Keith.”

The USS Hornet CV-12, currently docked in Alameda, California, saw action in WWII and in the Apollo 11 manned space flight. In its time, over 300 people perished on board, and the ship is responsible for downing 1,420 aircraft, 42 cargo ships, 10 destroyers, 1 cruiser and 1 carrier. That’s quite a hefty amount of carnage in total, so if anywhere were to actually be haunted the USS Hornet CV-12’s chances are pretty high.

The USS Hornet CV-12 isn’t the only supposedly haunted ship out there. Check out these other contenders:

Ourang Medan
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Whether or not the clip is a bit of forgery (which would have been all too easy), misheard noises from active radio transmissions, or the sounds of actual dead soldiers communicating with the ChillSeekers can’t be definitively proven from this clip, but let us know what you think in the comments.

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