Oscar Pistorius’ Brother Also Charged with Killing a Woman

carl pistorius oscar pistorius brother

Carl Pistorius, brother of the famed Paralympian who allegedly beat and shot his girlfriend to death, is facing his own criminal charges of killing a woman.

Eyewitness News reports Carl is charged with “culpable homicide” stemming from a collision that killed a female motorcyclist in 2008, and “the victim’s family said they believed it was more than just an accident.”

Carl’s alleged crime is less gruesome than that of brother Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorius — who cops believe crushed Reeva Steenkamp‘s skull with a cricket bat and then shot her dead in his home on Valentine’s Day — but the revelation that two Pistorius brothers stand accused of killing women adds a shocking twist to an already sensational story.

Carl joined other Pistorius family members in attending Oscar’s court proceedings last week. Oscar is out on bail.

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