Pig Tapeworm Attacks Vegetarian Punk Rocker

frenzal rhomb

Jay Whalley, lead singer of Australian punk rock band Frenzal Rhomb, suffered from two seizures and was told that he may have a tumor in his brain.

Turns out, after surgery, it was actually an egg of a pork tapeworm that had burrowed in his brain! But since he’s a vegetarian, he was confused as to how it got inside his body.

After some investigating, it was revealed that a vegetarian burrito that Whalley had eaten had been contaminated by whoever prepared it, as reported by DailyMail.


Whalley took to Facebook to describe the whole thing. This guy should be an author. He recreates his entire ordeal: it begins when some guy in Central America ate some undercooked pork, then went to the bathroom, didn’t wash his hands and cooked up a vegetarian burrito. Then, after spending a blissful 4 years in his brain unbeknownst to him, the tapeworm finally died, and that caused swelling, which in turn, caused the seizures.

Whalley is now recovering from surgery and getting back to work, thinking of some possible pseudonyms to use on Frenzal Rhomb’s next album, like Notorious P.I.G. or Ham Solo. Not bad.

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