Pitchman for Heart Attack Grill Dies of Heart Attack

The pitchman for Las Vegas chain restaurant Heart Attack Grill has died from … well … a heart attack. John Alleman, 52, suffered from heart failure last week and was kept alive until his family decided to take him of life support on Monday. The slender security guard apparently spent most of his time standing outside the high-caloric and medical-themed restaurant in a hospital gown, enticing passersby to come inside for a greasy bite.

Picture of John taken from the Grill's Facebook page.

Picture of John taken from the Grill’s Facebook page.

Restaurant owner Jon Basso said Allemen loved the restaurant more than he did and ate there every day. In an interview with the Sun Basso stated, “I told [Jon] if you keep eating like this, it’s going to kill ya.” Whelp, he was right.

Heart Attack Grill shamelessly glorifies fatty food and offers free meals to people who are at least 350 pounds. A caricature of Alleman’s face immortalizes him on the grill’s menu, which offers “fat” options such as “Flatliner” fries and the 8,000,000 calorie “Quadruple Bypass Burger.”

Heart Attack Grill

Alleman isn’t the first Heart Attack Grill spokesman to die before his time. Blair River a 6-foot-8, 575-pound man who gained fame as an icon of the grill’s brand, died at age 29 due to complications with the flu.

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