Putin Imports Boyz II Men for Valentine’s Day to Spur Population Growth

Boyz II Men Playing Russian Concert, Boyz II Men Vladimir Putin.

Russian Dictator President Vladimir Putin has a radical proposal to aid in Russia’s non-existent population crisis.

The controversial leader has recruited ’90s R’n’B heartthrobs Boyz II Men to inspire Russia’s men to be more romantic to their significant others with Valentine’s Day on the horizon. Putin has long been a proponent of Russian families having at least three children in what appears to be an attempt to bring Russia back to its 1960s peak as a Superpower, the President is clearly not buying any Western propaganda about myths like “overpopulation.” The Moscow Times reports:

President Vladimir Putin’s crusade to raise the country’s birth rate is set to get the support of three powerful voices on its behalf.

A baritone and two tenors, that is.

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Clearly someone in Putin’s inner-circle has soft spot for Wanya Morris, Shawn Stockman and Nathan Morris (don’t worry those are their real names, I checked). Because God knows nobody in the mainstream has heard anything from them since c. 1995.

The threesome also spoke about their Russian fan base:

Our Russian fans always bring their A-game. They always look sharp and definitely know how to keep warm! It’s a beautiful country! We love our Russian fans, and we love the beautiful scenery in Moscow!

Boyz II Men Russia Concert

The trio however will stop short of writing a song about Russia, when asked if they would pen a song about Moscow, like they did with Philadelphia they said:

Well, we chose to write about Philly because that’s where we’re from. As far as doing more song writing, you never know what the future holds! We are currently focusing on our residency at The Mirage hotel and casino in Las Vegas and our upcoming “Package Tour” this summer with New Kids on the Block and 98 Degrees. Definitely be on the lookout for that!

The Boyz concert is on February 6 in Crocus City Hall in Moscow.

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