Report: Lance Armstrong Under Investigation for Criminal Charges

lance armstrong lawsuit

The sh*tstorm swirling around Lance Armstrong is a bitch that just won’t quit.

The disgraced cycling champion is now possibly facing criminal charges of obstruction, witness tampering, and intimidation brought by federal investigators, ABC News reports.

The news comes after Andre Birotte, US Attorney for Southern California, denied on Tuesday that he intended to reopen the investigation into crimes that Armstrong may have committed after the case was dropped this time last year.

But a “high-level” source told ABC that Birotte is out of the loop and the investigation is being run out of a different office.

It is not the drug use that the investigation is focusing on, but rather the crimes that may have been committed in Armstrong’s attempts to keep his secret, possibly threatening and interfering with witnesses.

Yesterday Armstrong tied at the top of Forbes’ list of America’s most disliked athletes, with Manti Te’o.

lance armstrong doping

And despite his confession to Oprah, Lance doesn’t plan on returning the $12 million he received in bonuses for three of his Tour de France wins paid by SCA Promotions. The company plans to file a lawsuit, but Armstrong’s attorney claims that the money is his and non-refundable. Armstrong also faces a lawsuit from teammate whistleblower Floyd Landis.

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