Teen Threatened After Posting Facebook Photo of Dog Shot With an Arrow

Pit Bull Shot With Arrow

Caisen Green

Facebook Dog Shot With Arrow, Teen Shots Dog With Arrow, Pit Bulls

Caisen Green posted this photo of a pit bull he shot with an arrow to Facebook.

Caisen Green fled his Tahlequah, Oklahoma home after a photo he posted on Facebook of a pit bull he shot with an arrow sparked outrage among the community, reports Fox 23. The 18-year-old allegedly posted the picture on Friday with the caption “For all you Pit lovers out there. Here’s what happens when one shows up around my house.” The dog died of its wound and animal lovers all over the country are furious with the teen.

Cherokee County Undersheriff Jason Chennault got word of the photo and told the Muskogee Phoenix that he went to Green’s home, but his father said that he left town because he was receiving death threats.

While many are demanding that the teenager be charged with animal cruely, Chennault is looking into the legality of the case.

“It’s a gray area,” Chennault said. “If the dog is threatening livestock or your well-being, you can do what you have to do stop it. I’m going to do my best to get everything done this week, and we’ll forward the report to the District Attorney’s Office.”

Not much is known about the dog or its owner, but Lou Hays, a local Humane Society board member, said that the dog probably died painfully after bleeding to death. After the picture was posted, a Facebook page was created to raise awareness for animal cruelty and has received more than 2,400 likes.

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