Teens Get Curfew in Miami: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Miami Teens

On Wednesday, Miami police have announced that they will have a curfew in effect for teens in the Dade County area. NBC Miami reported that kids under 17 aren’t allowed on the streets alone after hours unless a parent or guardian is present. Miami police stated that this is not in response to the recent teen violence in the city. Here are some quick facts about the teen curfew.

1. Teens Can’t Go Out After Hours

Miami Teens Afterhours

Miami police said that curfew hours will be from 11 PM to 6 am Sundays to Thursdays and midnight to 6 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Kids under 17 won’t be allowed to wander or stroll in the streets of Miami-Dade County or even drive.

2. There Are Some Exceptions

With the curfew hours, there are some exceptions. The exceptions include:

  • A minor accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
  • Working, or traveling to or from work
  • Traveling the turnpike
  • Running an errand with the permission of a parent or guardian
  • Helping in emergencies
  • Traveling to and from school, religious, civic, or any event sponsored by the county
  • Going and returning from a public event that began before 10 pm and has permission
  • Liberated by marriage or court order
  • Stays in the area of their home or neighbor’s, if he/she permits
  • Homeless
  • Gets permission from authorities

3. Curfew Has Been Enforced Before

Miami police have said that curfews have been enforced many times over the past few years. “It’s normally done when kids are out of school, and we’ve done it before … usually during the summer months,” spokesman Willie Moreno told the Miami Herald.

4.  Recent Shootings May Be the Cause

Miami Police

The authorities haven’t given a specific reason on why a curfew is being announced, other than safety regulations. But some people point out the recent teen violence taking place in the area as a reason, even though police say that’s not why. Pete Soriano of Team Pete Sports told NBC Miami, “You got drug dealing, you got shootouts, kids getting killed left and right.”

5. Curfew Gets Mixed Reactions

Teen curfew unfair

With the curfew that took effect last Wednesday, many locals either support or are against the new policy. Parents who support it say that its in order to protect their kids. “Make them go home, do a little homework, get them home early,” Robert Sanchez said.

Kids who disagree know that its important to keep themselves off the streets at night when it gets dangerous for them. “I don’t really need a curfew, but I do feel that a curfew is important because young kids like my age are dying in the streets,” Keith Stewart said.