Truck Carrying Fireworks for Chinese New Year Explodes, Killing 26

China Firework Explosion

A section of the bridge that partially collapsed after a truck carrying fireworks exploded in China on Friday.

A truck carrying fireworks exploded on a bridge in Central China on Friday, sending cars plummeting 100 feet to the ground and killing at least 26 people. Another 15 were injured and are currently being treated at local hospitals.

Chinese Firework Explosion, Truck Explosion, Chinese New Year

A truck hangs over the damaged bridge.

The truck was on the national expressway G30 near the city of Sanmenxia in central Henan Province at about 8:52am when the explosion occurred, destroying a part of the bridge.

The cause of the blast, which was powerful enough to shatter the windows of a nearby truck stop, has yet to be determined. Fireworks are in high demand as the February 10 Chinese New Year approaches and are transported in large quantities, sometimes in unsafe conditions.

Six vehicles have so far been retrieved as rescuers search for survivors in the wreckage.

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