Woman Defies Odds By Having TWO Sets of Identical Twins At Once

two sets of twins

A Texas miracle!

A woman made history by having two sets of identical twins at once. The odds of that happening were one in 70 million!

Tressa Montalvo and her husband Manuel decided to have another child in addition to their son two and a half year old Memphis, but instead found themselves with four new additions to their family.

Sticking to an A-B-C-D theme, they welcomed sons Ace, Blaine, Cash and Dylan on Valentine’s Day. Originally thought to be quadruplets — the babies turned out to be two sets of identical twins. All four baby boys weighed in around 3 pounds, and all have a great chance of leading normal, healthy lives, according to the Houston Chronicle.

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What’s perhaps most shocking is that no fertility drugs were used by the couple. The pregnancy was planned, but “I guess we just succeeded a little too much,” Mr. Montalvo told the Daily Mail.

The couple says that though they now have five boys to look after, they aren’t finished yet, as they still want a baby girl.

two sets of twins

Identical twins result from a single egg splitting before implanting in the uterus. In this instance, two eggs were fertilized and then both decided to split. Quadruplets happen when when one fertilized egg splits into four embryos and grow with one placenta, whereas these boys grew in pairs with two placentas. Truly miraculous.

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