WATCH: Giggly Teen Flips Off Judge in Courtroom, Gets 30 Days in Jail

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A woman in Miami-Dade County made the rookie courtroom mistake of flipping off the judge and received a 30-day sentence for her trouble. Penelope Soto, 18, of Miami, was facing charges of illegal possession of Xanax.

Soto crashed her bike at Southwest 96th Street and 142nd Avenue in Miami on Sunday night, and police were called by bystanders when it appeared she was injured. When the cops showed up, Soto blamed the crash on being high on Xanax. Police found more of the drug in her purse, reports.

In a bizarre conversation, Judge Jorge Rodriquez-Chomat had to tell Soto:

We are not in a club, be serious about it.

The judge was attempting to get a valuation on the jewelery that Soto was wearing at the time of the crash, to which she repeatedly giggled. Soto told the judge:

I’m serious about it, you just made me laugh, you just made me laugh, I apologize. It’s worth a lot of money. Like Rick Ross. It’s worth money.

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat, clearly not a Ross fan, ignored the reference and asked Soto if she had taken any drugs in the past 24 hours, to which Soto replied she had not.

Initially Rodriquez-Chomat set her bond at $5,000. After telling Soto “bye, bye,” Soto replied “Adios.” This did not sit well with the judge, who called her back and upped her bond to $10,000.

Unsurprisingly, that wiped the smile off Soto’s face. With the judge this time telling Soto, “Adios.”

At this point Soto flipped out and cussed out Judge Chomat, at which point she was handed a 30-day sentence for contempt of court.