Winter Storm Nemo Already Leaves Thousands Without Power

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A powerful blizzard is pummeling the Northeast with a massive amount of snow and howling winds, and as millions stay indoors due to dangerous traveling conditions, thousands are already left without power.

According to, utilities reported about 40,000 power outages in Boston as snow knocks down power lines and tree limbs. Officials are also expected to ask shorefront residents to evacuate due to storm-driven tides tonight and Saturday morning.

The winter storm, dubbed by The Weather Channel as Winter Storm Nemo, started dumping snow on the Boston area during mid-morning and seven inches of snow was reported in some areas by mid-evening. Wind gusts of up to 69 mph have also been reported in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Forecasters fear Nemo may top Boston’s record of 27.6 inches set in 2003.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg told New York residents to stay out of the streets and to prepare for the worst as parts of New York and New Jersey are expected to see one to two inches per hour overnight.

“Stay off the city streets, stay out of cars and stay in your homes,” Mayor Bloomberg said at a press conference. “Cook a meal, stay at home, read a good book, take it easy.”

The storm has already already claimed the life of a 74-year-old man struck by a woman who lost control of her car in the snow.

“This storm has the potential to be one of those events that you remember for a lifetime,” meteorologist Terry Eliasen of CBS Boston station WBZ-T said.

The worse of the snowfall is expected to end on Saturday morning, although light snow may still fall.