10-Year-Old Found Alive After Disappearing From Home Hours Before

10-year-old found

10-year-old Nicole Ryan was taken to the hospital after being found nearly 12 hours after she went missing.

10-year-old found alive

Nicole Ryan

10-year-old Nicole Ryan seemed to have disappeared without a trace from her Northridge, California bedroom early Wednesday before being found alive hours later and six miles away, reports the Los Angles Times.

Ryan’s mother reported that she last saw her daughter in her room around 1 a.m., but when she checked on her two hours later, she was nowhere to be found. Authorities conducted a search of the neighborhood and even brought in the FBI to help find the little girl until someone recognized her from publicized information and alerted the police department. Ryan was found about 12 hours from when she was reported missing and six miles away from her home in Woodland Hills outside a Starbucks. The girl did not have shoes on, was dressed in clothing that she was not wearing the night before and seemed confused.

“Her face was white,” Nicolas Jackson, the man who first spotted the girl, said. “She looked very tired and worried. You could see she had some worries for the past few hours.”

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The girl was apparently dropped off by an unknown person in a parking lot just before 3 p.m. In a press conference, police said they were on the hunt for two men that they believe abducted Ryan in the middle of the night.

The little girl suffered from cuts and bruises, but was otherwise in healthy condition, and was taken to a nearby hospital.