7 Siblings Missing Found Safe: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Police in California report that the seven siblings that went missing from their Fresno home last week have been found safe on Thursday after an intense manhunt led by the FBI. The children, aged 12, 11, 10, 8, 7, 6 and 5, were no where to be found after their mother and stepfather left them home alone while they quickly some errands. Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Seven Missing Children Were Found Safe in Sacramento
Police report that the seven siblings, four boys and three girls, were found on Thursday at their father’s home in Sacramento, California, reports CBS News 6. Police assumed that they were with their father and fortunately, they assumed right.

“FBI Task Force For Crimes Against Children found the children unharmed and in good spirits,” police said in a statement.

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2. The Children Disappeared When Their Mother and Stepfather Ran Errands
The children’s mother and stepfather left the 12-year-old boy in charge while they went for a quick run to the grocery store last Saturday. When they returned, the children and their belongings were all gone.

“The house was clear. No kids were inside of the house and all of the clothes were missing,” Fresno Police Lt. Jeff Motoyasu said.

3. They Were Missing for Five Days
The children were missing for five days. Police assume that their father, Xa Yang, waited for their mother and stepfather to leave when he seized the opportunity to make off with the siblings. Yang had not been in the children’s life for years. It is not clear whether or not Yang will face charges for taking them. There are no child custody documents on file and the father is legally allowed to have them.

4. The Children’s Father Had Been Estranged From the Family
Yang had not been in the children’s lives for the last three years. The Christian Post reports that their father requested to see them in December, but were denied. They haven’t heard from him since.

5. Police Didn’t Think the Children Were in Any Danger
Police never issued an amber alert because they assumed the children were with their father and did not think they were in any kind of danger. Their mother and stepfather had a feeling they were with him as well.

“We thought maybe he’s probably watching and he knew we left for the store and maybe he just came over,” Bee Lor, the children’s stepfather, told ABC News.

However, the police did ask the public to aid in their search. Thankfully, after five days, the children were found safe and sound on Thursday and were all in good spirits.

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