Camp Ranger Seeks $1.2 Million Reward for Dorner Info: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dorner Cash Reward

Rick Heltebrake.

A camp ranger by the name of Rick Heltebrake is seeking the $1.2 million reward that was promised to be rewarded to anyone who ended up gathering info on and finding Christopher Dorner during his killing spree. Here’s the five fast facts you need to know about this camp ranger and his case for the reward.

1. Dorner Carjacked Rick Helterbrake Before 911 Was Called

Dorner Cash Reward

Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner carjacked camp ranger Rick Helterbrake while he he was on his killing crusade. The LA Times reported that Dorner ordered him out of his truck at gunpoint and left him behind with his dog. in the middle of the road. The camp ranger was stranded on Glass Road and proceeded to walk along the road. After Rick called 911, the local authorities ended up locating and surrounding Dorner in a cabin on February 12. Dorner committed suicide.

2. Rick’s Attorney Believes His 911 Call Lead to Dorner’s Discovery
Rick’s personal attorney reasoned that that his client’s 911 call helped cops find Dorner in the first place. He gave this statement to the LA Times:

Once off the road, Mr. Heltebrake used his cellular telephone to contact San Bernardino Deputy Sheriff Paul Franklin to report the incident and the location of Mr. Dorner. Mr. Heltebrake’s telephone call to Deputy Franklin notified law enforcement of Mr. Dorner’s location, provided a description of the vehicle he was fleeing in and was the substantial factor in the capture of Mr. Dorner at the cabin location. Consequently, Mr. Heltebrake accepts the mayor’s offer of the entire reward of $1.2 million.

3. Rick May Not Be The Sole Claim to the Cash Reward

Christopher Dorner Cash Reward

Los Angeles authorities stated that Rick’s claim for the $1.2 million reward may not be the only claim they’ve received. A couple, who came upon Dorner in their rental apartment, notified 911 after they freed themselves from Dorner. Dorner fled from the location and ended up running into Rick, which led to the carjacking. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck stated that decisions on the disbursement of the reward, as in all reward cases, will be made upon once the investigation is complete. After Dorner’s death, Heltebrake told a reporter, “Someone owes me $1 million.” Rick also stated that he wouldn’t mind “parting it three ways” with the aforementioned couple.

4. More Than 20 Different Legal Jurisdictions Handle The Cash Reward
Los Angeles police stated that more than 20 legal authorities/entities handle the final decision over how the cash reward will be awarded. These groups will ultimately determine who and where the money will go to. Police officials went on to say that:

Our personal hope is that the reward will be distributed, but we must follow the rules and respect the procedures of each entity.

5. Several Organizations Pitched In for the Cash Reward
It’s been reported that ore than two dozen financial donors (local governments, police departments, civic organizations and private groups) donated to the $1.2 million cash reward. The reward is said to be the largest pool of money being offered in the local area.