Canadian Ad Compares Social Smokers to Social Farters

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When an ad begins with a pretty blond at a party farting loudly, and then declaring “well it’s true that I fart, but I wouldn’t call myself a farter”, you know you’re in for a good time.

The new ad, released by Ontario’s Ministry of Health, is taking aim at social smokers by comparing them to social farters.

The pretty young woman in the ad goes on in the video to lay some noisy farts down at the gathering, explaining, “I’m a social farter. I really only do it when I’m out with my friends that fart”.

She also propositions a guy, asking him if he wants to go outside for a fart. He agrees, and together they let loose on the porch.

At the end of the ad the point finally comes across – social smoking is as ridiculous as social farting. Viewers are then directed to, a Facebook page for the ministry’s anti-smoking campaign.

Bravo, Ontario Ministry of Health. Bravo.