Car Stolen With 11-Month-Old Baby Inside


A San Jose woman lived through a mother’s worst nightmare after her car was stolen with her 11-month-old baby still inside. Police immediately issued an Amber Alert in hopes of locating the the stolen SUV and the missing child.

Thankfully, the 11-month old will be turning one this coming Friday in the comfort of her home as police were able to locate the baby upon finding the abandoned car.

This morning at around 6 am, the mother was packing up her things in her SUV when she left for a moment to grab something she left inside her home. Seconds later, when she returned to her driveway, her white 2006 Jeep Liberty was gone — with baby Gabriela Quintero inside. Little Gabriela was not yet strapped to her baby seat.

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Neighbor David Magda said the he woke up to screams and ran outside. He promptly called 911.

The stolen vehicle is a 2006 Jeep Liberty

The stolen vehicle is a 2006 Jeep Liberty

Both the car and baby gave been recovered. The police mobilized a number of different units in response, including the police helicopter and the robbery, covert response, assault and missing person’s units.The baby is in good condition, but has been taken to a nearby hospital for a check up. The alleged suspect is still at large and is believed to be “Hispanic woman with her hair pulled back in bun and carrying a Target bag”.

Surprisingly enough, this story is not a first. There have been a number of cases in which car thieves steal a car and find a crying surprise when they look at the back seat. In 2011 a Texan 10-month-old was recovered after being accidentally abducted when her mother’s truck was stolen. A similar story occurred the same year in Minneapolis when a baby boy was abandoned next to a garbage can once the car thief realized he was still strapped into his child seat.

Baby in New Zealand with note on it.

Baby in New Zealand with note on it.

And yet, people don’t seem to learn their lesson. This news comes in light of a lighter but equally disturbing story in which a New Zealand woman left her newborn baby alone in a locked vehicle outside a supermarket with a “cute” note explaining that she had gone shopping. The message, written from the baby’s perspective, included the new mother’s cellphone number and asked people to call if necessary.

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