High School Football Coach Dies in Freak Accident After Practice

High School Coach Dies in Freak Accident, Marion Adams

Rio Linda High School football coach Marion Adams died in a freak accident as he was leaving practice in Sacramento County, California on Monday, reports the Daily Mail.

Adams was leaving the stadium parking lot on his bicycle, but when he turned around to wave at a student, he crashed full speed into a yellow parking barrier and impaled himself with the end of the gate in the stomach. Nearby students came to his aid and kept him awake until an ambulance arrived, but the coach succumbed to his injuries Tuesday morning.

Marion Adams

Coach Marion Adams impaled himself with a parking gate as he left practice on his bike.

The death of the much admired coach traumatized family, students and teachers alike.

“This was a terrible loss, not just to those connected to the school but to the entire community,” President of the Rio Linda Knights supporters club, Mark Manning, said. “Marion was a man of solid strength and very good-natured. A man of honor who put 100% into improving our world by teaching our children both on the field and off.”

Terry Ray, the Rio Linda High boys basketball coach is still in shock over the tragedy.

“I know people say this a lot about people, that they’re great when we lose them, but Marion Adams was a wonderful man and teacher,” Ray said.

The football coach graduated from Rio Linda High School in 1972 and gave up a high paying job to follow his dreams and returned to the school to take up a coaching career. Marion Adams leaves behind a wife Kathy and his two children Joe and Sarah

Hundreds of people turned out for a vigil for Adams on Tuesday night.

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