Dog Saves French Woman From Committing Suicide

German Shepherd

A German shepherd stopped its owner from committing suicide after a French woman aimed a rifle on her chest. According to the local paper Le Figaro, the 63-year-old woman had a 22-caliber gun in her hand taking several shots before turning the weapon onto her herself.


The incident took place on a Wednesday in Sorgues, France’s southern region of Vaucluse, where the woman was at her garden. Just as the woman was aiming at her chest, her loyal dog jumped in front of her knocking the gun away. Unfortunately, the woman already suffered a gunshot wound in the chest after she was knocked out. Luckily, the woman only had minor injuries after the incident when her husband found her conscious.

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Police have said that the dog seemed to have “sensed things” as the woman attempted to kill herself before she took the shot. “At the moment she pulled the trigger, her dog jumped on her and diverted the shot,” a local police officer said.

After the husband found her, the woman was immediately sent to the hospital for a full recovery. The dog, according to police, looked like it was in a bit of a shock after seeing its owner trying to take her own life.

It is a known fact that German shepherds are very protective of their owners and territory, but are also smart and quick at taking commands than other breeds.