East Coast Rapist Sentenced to Life In Prison: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Aaron Thomas

Aaron Thomas in police custody at an airport in Manassas in 2011.

Aaron Thomas, a rapist who admitted to raping several women, has finally been sentenced to multiple life sentences in Prince William County. Here’s the top 10 facts you should know about this despicable human being and his acts:

1. Thomas Was Responsible For A 2009 Halloween Rape Case

East Coast Rapist

Aaron Thomas, 41, has been found guilty for a rape attack he committed in 2009 on Halloween near Dale City in Prince William County. His attack targeted three teenager trick-or-treaters on that evening. One of the victims managed to text and call for help while the other two were being attacked by Thomas, which almost helped cops arrest him at the scene. Thomas has also been linked to various rape attacks in the Fairfax and Loudoun counties, as well as ones in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

2. He’s Been Sentenced to Three Life Terms

Aaron Thomas

Thomas was sentenced to multiple life terms in prison after admitting to his many rape crimes. Due to his 2009 Halloween attack, Thomas is set to serve three life terms plus an additional 80 years for his participation in the Prince William County case.

3. He Originally Planned to Plead Not Guilty
At first, Thomas prepared to plead guilty by reason of insanity. Him and his legal team dropped their planned defense after Thomas admitted to developing a fake alter ego named “Erwin” to throw off prosecutors.

4. There May Be More Rape Victims
It’s been reported that there may be more unidentified rape victims who have been attacked by Thomas. Once police discover who these victims are, Thomas’s prison sentence may be extended.

5. Thomas Gave Himself Up In 2011
In March 2011, authorities used modern DNA tactics to I.D. the rapist as Aaron Thomas. The police also received an anonymous tip that led them to Thomas, which ended up linking Thomas to several other documented rapes. Thomas confessed to his crimes and willingly gave himself up to the authorities.

6. He’s The Son of A Police Officer

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It’s been reported that Thomas is the son of a Washington, D.C. police officer. He also grew up in Prince George’s County and lived in the district area after graduating from high school. The map above shows the Prince George’s area in Maryland, which is highlighted by the “A.”

7. His First Act of Rape Happened in The Early 1990’s
Thomas admitted to raping a woman in the early 1990’s. He spoke to The Washington Post about what his feelings towards raping a prostitute along Marlboro Pike:

They were objects. Whoever came down the street, an object. . . .It’s awful. It’s scary. . . . I don’t know why I couldn’t just stop.

Thomas went on to explain that he didn’t have a reason for all the rape crimes he committed. He compared his rapist persona to having a split personality. He began to rape women while he was homeless.

8. He Has a Long Time Girlfriend and Son
Thomas reportedly has a longtime girlfriend he once lived with while he resided in New Haven, Connecticut. He also has a son who’s current age is unknown. Thomas also had a former girlfriend that he dated while living in North Virginia. He used her car and her 9MM handgun to target the victims he raped while in the area.

9. He Was Once Shot
Thomas was once shot, due to what cops believe was an attack connected to a witness-intimidation case. The Washington Post reported that Thomas was set to testify against someone he knew the next day, but he was shot before he could even enter the courtroom.

10. He Once Worked As A Truck Driver

Aaron Thomas

In 2011, while detectives collected Thomas’ DNA for their case, Thomas was unemployed. However, he once worked as a professional truck driver.