England’s Batman Identified!: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Batman Bradford

Batman brings in wanted man to a police department in in Bradford England

Forget what your parents told you, Batman exists! The Dark Knight showed up in the British city of Bradford last week doing what he’s known for; fighting crime. On February 25, a masked gentleman dressed in the iconic grey suit and cape walked into the Bradford’s Trafalgar House police station and left a man that was wanted for questioning on suspicion of stealing and fraud.  The station posted the incident on their Facebook page: Batman came into the helpdesk, stated to the staff “I’ve caught this one for you” and then promptly vanished into the night to fight crime and the fear of crime in Bradford. But unlike all other Batman sagas, this vigilante has been unmasked! Not as buff or fit as Christian Bale’s interpretation of the masked super hero, this crime-fighter of the night has been identified as 39-year-old Stan Worby. Here are the fast five facts you need to know!

1. It Wasn’t a Good Dead, It Was a Practical Joke

Stan Worby batman

Batman at the Police Station (Left) and Worby’s Facebook profile pic (Right)

Worby had worn the Batman costume to a soccer game earlier in the day and decided to keep it on when he turned his good friend of 15 years, Daniel Frayne into cops.  Frayne was wanted for a number of offenses and was later charged with handling stolen good and fraud-related offenses. “At the end of the day it was a practical joke, just between me and Daniel,” said Worby to ITV news.

2. During The Day, Worby is a Food Delivery Man
Unlike Bruce Wayne, Worby is not a dashing billionaire but a mild-mannered delivery man for a Chinese restaurant in the Wyke area of the city.

3. Worby Convinced His BFF Frayne to go to the Police

West Yorkshire Police

Apparently Worby was getting sick and tired of the police constantly asking him where his friend Danny was. Worby explained he tried to “knock some sense into” Danny and convinced his wanted buddy to turn himself in.

4. Worby is Overwhelmed By The World Wide Coverage of his Practical Joke

Bradford Batman

Batman Unmasks!

Worby said he was “gobsmacked” by the global reaction to him and his friend’s antics. What started out as a practical joke between friends become a viral sensation.

5. People Thought the Bradford Batman Was a Celebrity

One Direction Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik From One Direction was one of the possible Bradford Batman suspects

Before Worby came out and revealed his identity Ladbrokes, an online betting and gaming site, released the odds for which celebrity may have been underneath the cape. They assumed that – like the “real” Batman- only someone famous would have the guts to put on the outfit in public as some kind of stunt. Here are the names they released as possible suspects:

1. Illusionist Dynamo – 5/1

2. Former Bradford striker Dean Windass – 6/1

3. Gardener and TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh – 8/1

4. Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson – 10/1

5. Former Bradford midfielder Stuart McCall – 20/1

6. Supermarket boss Sir Kenneth Morrison – 33/1

7. Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley – 40/1

8. One Direction’s Zayn Malik – 50/1

I would have voted for Zayn Malik, but that’s just me.

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