Federal Worker Placed Fake Craigslist Sex Ads to Harass Ex: Cops

Keith Kuban fake craigslist ads

Keith Kuban

It’s safe to say Kenneth Kurban didn’t take his break-up very well. The 61-year-old Library of Congress employee allegedly vengefully posted a number of Craigslist “Casual Encounters” ads directing men seeking sex to the home of his unsuspecting 64-year-old ex-girlfriend. Now Kuban is facing a federal felony charge that could that could lock him up for up to five years, reports The Smoking Gun.

Kuban initiated an intense “harassment/stalking” campaign that began once his brief “intimate relationship” with the woman in question ended in 2011. His harassment got so fanatical his ex-girlfriend filed various restraining orders against clingy Kuban. But that didn’t stop vengeful Kuban from continuing on his tirade against the woman who has identified herself only with the initials “L.M.”

With restraining orders filed, Kuban’s harassment found a new vehicle on Craigslist. Kuban allegedly went on the “casual encounters” section of the site and posed as a “senior lady” seeking to “meet a gentleman in his 50s that is hung and can give me some pleasuring.” He would reply to interested parties with a picture of his ex-girlfriend as well as her home address.

ad craigslist Kuban

Ad taken from Craigslist

The purported suitor was directed to “just park by my mail box and walk up my lane i’ll meet you at the front door.” The myraid of Craigslist ads created by the obsessed Kurban achieved their intended effect as L.M began to receive unwanted visitors at her door — expecting casual sex.

“L.M.” told federal agents that she had to install cameras and security gates at the entrance to her farm “as a result of the constant flow of people showing up at her address” in response to the Craigslist ads. The woman added that she has “multiple signs posted on her fence and gates indicating that people who are there in response to ads on Craigslist were un-invited and are trespassing.”

Check out the police affidavit, via The Smoking Gun.

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Additionally, investigators reported, local cops have to be summoned to “L.M.”’s residence “frequently, often several times a day, to chase away the men who have been enticed by these personal ads.”

Federal agents linked Kuban to the “Casual Encounters” ads via a review of his work computer and material obtained from Craigslist pursuant to a search warrant. Kuban works as a film preservationist at the Library of Congress’s facility in Culpeper, Virginia.

Kuban was arrested Friday and charged with felony stalking. During a March 22 court appearance, a federal magistrate ordered Kuban jailed in advance of an April 1 preliminary hearing. If convicted of the charge, Kuban faces a maximum of five years in prison.