Thousands of Sharks Migrating North Close Florida Beaches [VIDEO]

Shark sightings video: Thousands of sharks spotted migrating off Florida coastShark sightings video: Thousands of sharks spotted migrating off Florida coast2013-03-06T13:58:01.000Z

Several beaches in Florida have been closed after thousands of sharks were seen migrating north along the coast on Tuesday, reports the Palm Beach Daily News.

The sharks are moving back north after going south for the winter and are riding the ocean currents. Lifeguard Supervisor Craig Pollock said some beaches have been closed during the migration.

“Sometimes they could be at Midtown and not at Phipps or sometimes we could be closed at Phipps but not at Midtown. It just depends on where the sharks are that day,” Pollock said. “Some days we have the beach closed for a few hours, sometimes all day.”

The most commly spotted sharks are spinners and blacktips, but hammerheads, tigers, lemons and bulls were also spotted.

Fortunately, Dr. Stephen Kajiura, an associate professor of biology at Florida Atlantic University, said the sharks are unlikely to attack humans because of south Florida’s clear waters, where they can better distinguish between a person and prey.

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