George P. Bush to Run for Office: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Heads up, Bush fans — this dynasty isn’t out of steam yet. George Prescott Bush, son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush and nephew of former president George W. Bush, is running for office for the first time. He’s only just announced his candidacy, but his family pedigree, ethnic background and knowledge in several key areas make him a contender to look out for. Here’s what you need to know about George P. Bush and his bid for office.

1. He’s Running for Texas Land Commissioner

George P. Bush to run for Texas Land Commissioner

It’s not a widely known office, but it has more power than you might realize, and it leaves the potential to move up the chain to higher offices. The office’s mission statement reads as follows:

The Texas General Land Office serves the schoolchildren, veterans, and all people of Texas by preserving their history, protecting their environment, expanding economic opportunity, and maximizing state revenue through innovative administration and prudent stewardship of state lands and resources.

In Texas’ case, it’s the oldest continuously running position in the state’s history. The duties of the office are to maintain state-owned lands and mineral resources. Thrilling stuff, huh?

2. He’s Half Hispanic

George P. Bush, George W Bush's nephew, to run for Texas Land Commissioner

George P.’s mom Columba was born in Mexico, and his resultant Hispanic heritage has made him a favorite among conservative Hispanic voters. He’s also trying to reach out to non-conservative Hispanics, of which there are many more than there are conservatives. “These groups are looking for a different messenger, and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve pursued public office here in Texas, and why I join a new generation of Republicans,” he told the Associated Press.

3. He’s Business Savvy

George P. Bush is running for Texas Land Commissioner

Bush started St. Augustine Partners, a business consulting firm based in Ft. Worth, Texas. There he helps find ways for businesses to improve their functionality. If that mentality were applied to an office like the Land Commissioner’s, some powerful changes could be made. He seems to possess a wealth of information, which can only serve him as he runs for office and (potentially) occupies it.

4. He Has a Bright Political Future

George P. Bush to run for Texas office

He’s the newest member of the Bush political dynasty, and as if that track record weren’t enough, the land commissioner often moves on to higher posts. The current Texas land commissioner, Jerry Paterson, is leaving the office to run for lieutenant governor. The current lieutenant governor, David Dewhurst, previously served as land commissioner. Only time will tell, but keep an eye on this one. Land commissioner, lieutenant governor, governor, then the White House? He could be just three steps away from being the third President George Bush.

5. He Knows the Law

George P. Bush, Jeb Bush son, will run for Texas Land Commissioner

Bush went to law school at the University of Texas. Any governmental position requires some knowledge of the law, but his know-how makes him a formidable candidate.