Hipsters Take Over Vancouver Veterans’ Club

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(Via silkolive/Flickr)

The National Post is reporting on the newest threat to Canada’s senior citizen population of former soldiers – the takeover of veterans’ clubs by skinny-jeaned hipsters.

According to the Post, the Army, Navy and Air Force club on Vancouver’s Main Street was just weeks away from closing, until a new breed of Canadian was invited to join the party – hipsters.

The young, ironic t-shirt wearing segment of Vancouver’s downtown adopted the veterans’ club and managed to revive its fortunes, with their love of karaoke, cheap beer and tacky décor.

According to one hipster, a biologist named Sam Quinlan:

There’s a complete lack of pretension in this place. Hipsters are frugal. The tackiness adds another layer of character.

With veterans’ clubs across the country losing dues-paying members as a result of the dying off of Korean and World War II vets, chances are the trend will catch on elsewhere.

For their part, the remaining Vancouver legionnaires are taking the new crowd in stride.

Says Conrad Desjarlais, a club member in Vancouver: “Some nights it’s trend-setting, probably the place to be in all of Vancouver”.

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