Hugo Chavez Death Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hugo Chavez

The Venezuelan media have been reporting that President Hugo Chavez is dead. However, the government denied these claims saying that the current president is still alive and in the hospital recovering from his cancer treatment. Here are some quick facts on the news of Hugo Chavez current health.

1. There Are Rumors That Hugo is Dead

Guillermo Cochez

In an interview with the paper La Estrella, the former OAS ambassador Guillermo Cochez said that Hugo Chavez was taken off life support four days ago and that his daughters gave the orders. Cochez also said that during his trip back to Venezuela, he was in a coma throughout the whole journey. Cochez said that he had evidence to support his claim that Hugo was dead, stating that the photos of his two daughters with Chavez was fake. “They don’t look the way they look today,” he says.

The former ambassador challenged the government to offer proof that Chavez is still alive and breathing. “I challenge the Venezuelan government to prove me wrong, and to present President Chavez so that it’s known whether what I say is the truth or a lie,” Cochez told CNN Chile.

2.If he is Alive, he’s Still Fighting For His Life

Nicholas Maduro

Vice President Nicolas Maduro dismissed the rumors that Hugo Chavez was dead saying that he is “fighting for his life.” Maduro told the PULSAR news service that Chavez has a respiratory infection after going through a fourth cancer treatment in Cuba during early February. The reason for his condition Maduro states is “because he gave his all for the poor and worked tirelessly without rest for the Venezuelan people.”

3. Is he Still Running the Country?

In February 18, Hugo Chavez was transported to Venezuela from Cuba following his recent cancer operation, which is his fourth in over a year. Chavez is, reportedly, still writing orders and meeting with senior ministers in his hospital bed at Caracas despite his health, according to officials. Since his return, the 58-year-old president sent a tweet to his followers thanking them for their support during his deteriorating condition:

Hugo Chavez's Twitter

4. Supporters Are Still Strong on Hugo’s Recovery

With the country behind him during these tough times, supporters in Venezuela have shown the president their affections toward him. VP Maduro told the people on live TV to offer their prayers to Chavez for a quick recovery and remain loyal to the socialist leader. In a recent poll, nearly 58 percent of Venezuelans believed that Chavez will recover while about 30 percent think that he won’t return to power and 12.5 percent say they aren’t sure what will happen to him. The one percent margin believe Chavez never got sick.

5. He Hasn’t Been Seen or Heard in Public Since His Return

Hugo Chavez with His Daughters

Ever since his announcement that he had cancer in June 2011, Hugo Chavez hardly appeared in front of the press. There have been a few times that the president was shown in a hospital bed, especially with his two daughters on February 15. After that, there haven’t been any images that the government released of his current condition.