Kate Middleton May Have Slipped That She’s Having a Girl: Twitter Goes NUTS!

Kate Middleton reveals sex of baby

Kate Middleton can’t catch a break. First, compromising photos of her are leaked to the press. Then, her stay at a hospital for morning sickness reveals she is pregnant before she has a chance to announce it herself. Now, she may have accidentally revealed the sex of her baby. One of the people greeting Middleton in Grimsby, England handed the Duchess a teddy bear, to which she replied “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d–” before cutting herself off. Someone else at the event asked Middleton if she was going to say “daughter,” and conflicting reports say the Duchess either said, “We’re not telling” or “No, we don’t know.” And so, everyone’s having a field day.

It pretty much doesn’t matter, in terms of Royal Succession, whether the baby is a boy or a girl. The British Parliament recently passed a law ending male primogeniture, so the daughter of Wills and Kate can inherit the throne. But, tradition still rules in England. The sex of the child will be revealed how it always is, by a note placed on the gates of Buckingham Palace after the baby is born. Everyone has to settle for wild speculations until that happens a few months from now.

Is this story uninteresting? An invasion of privacy? The most exciting news EVER? Here’s what the commoners are saying on Twitter:

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