Man Thrown From Plane at 2,500 Feet During Training Lesson

Zodiac 601 Aircraft

A man was thrown from a Zodiac 601 airfcraft (like the one pictured above) during a flight lesson.

Police are looking for a man that was thrown from a plane at 25,000 feet in Tennessee during a training lesson, reports The Christian Post.

The unidentified man was taking a flying lesson with an instructor on Friday in a Zodiac 601 aircraft at the Collegedale Municipal Airport. The plane was at 25,000 feet when its canopy suddenly came off, ejecting the trainee out of the aircraft. According to reports, the trainee’s seat belt was not fastened at the time. Although shocked, the instructor was not hurt. He regained control of the airplane and was able to land back at the airport where he immediately reported the incident.

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Authorities have been looking for the man ever since, but he has yet to be found. However, it is not believed that he could have survived the fall. Collegedale Municipal Airport employee, Lowell Sterchi, said that the trainee had both the instructor’s and his own cell phones on him at the time of the ejection and authorities have been unsuccessfully trying to locate their GPS signals.

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