Manitoba Woman Attacked By Wolf

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(Via Martin Pettitt/Flickr)

A Manitoba woman who stopped her car to aid a stranded motorist got a reward she wasn’t expecting – a series of puncture wounds from a wild timber wolf.

Dawn Hepp was driving just north of Grand Rapids, Manitoba when she pulled over to the side of the road to help another stranded driver.

It was then that a large timber wolf, native to the area, ran up and attacked her.

She described the wolf to the Canadian Press as “six feet two, big head, long legs, fluffy tail”.

Luckily, she managed to return to her car and sought help at an Ashern hospital. Her wounds were not severe and she was given “many” shots to help avoid any wolf-borne diseases.

Hepp credits her escape to knowledge she gained as a child growing up on a farm, when her father told her to always remain calm in the presence of a wild animal.

According to Manitoba Conservation spokesman Ken Rebizant, this was an “unusual incident”.

We do inform the public to keep their distance. Enjoy wolves for what they are. They’re a wild species but they can be unpredictable and the best thing to do is keep your distance from them.

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