7 Marines Killed in Explosion at Army Depot in Nevada

marines killed hawthorne depot nevada explosion

Seven Marines are dead after an explosion last night at the Hawthorne Army Depot in Nevada.

Fox News reports the tragedy took place during a live-fire Marine Corps training exercise at the facility, a 47,000-acre ammunition-storage depot located 140 miles southeast of Reno. The accident is reportedly unrelated to the ammunition stored at the depot.

NBC reports seven Marines dead and at least seven wounded. NBC reports there are two versions of events leading to the tragedy:

According to one account, a 60-millimeter mortar shell exploded in a tube as Marines were preparing to fire it. Another account said that the shell exploded as Marines were picking it up to load it.

NBC reports four Marines died instantly, while others died during transport to the hospital.

ABC reports the Marines training in Nevada were from a battalion based at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

This is a breaking news story. Stay tuned for updates.

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