Ex-Miami Dolphin Mark Duper Arrested For Beating His Son Unconscious Twice

Mark Duper Miami Dolphins Mark Duper Arrested Mark Duper Child Abuse Charges.

One of the greatest receivers ever to play for the Miami Dolphins, Mark Duper, was arrested Wednesday by Jacksonville police, charged with beating up a minor, his 17 year old son, on Tuesday, reports NBC 6 South Florida. The fight is alleged to have started when Duper’s son sent an offensive text message to the former Dolphin’s girlfriend.

According to The Florida Times-Union:

A longtime friend and former teammate [Hugh Green] said he witnessed what happened and that Duper was just defending himself against his son who had an attitude problem.

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The arrest report details a Tuesday night fight at Duper’s Hilsdale Road home between him and the teen…while police said Duper threw punches and attacked his son three times that night

Duper then wrestled with the youth, knocking him to the ground several times, and causing the victim to lose consciousness. The former NFL star left the home but returned to collect his jacket, at which point the two started fighting again.

Mark Duper Miami Dolphins Mark Duper Arrested Mark Duper Child Abuse Charges.

Photo via Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

This time the fight was broken up by Hugh Green, who told the former Dolphin, that his son was unconscious again. The child was furious when he regained consciousness and repeatedly rammed his bike into Duper’s car, that was parked outside.

Then Duper threatened to kill the child, attacking him again, this time choking him, Green stepped in once again to break up the fight. When he was arrested the former Dolphin told police that he was defending himself. Green though is maintaining it wasn’t a fight:

“There was never an exchange of punches,” Green said, adding that he never saw the victim lose consciousness.

Mark Duper Miami Dolphins Mark Duper Arrested Mark Duper Child Abuse Charges

In 2011, Duper along with 74 other retired NFL players sued the league along with helmet maker Riddell over the lack of awareness players were given regarding concussions.

A study by Miami University linked concussions to:

Aggression, outbursts of rage, and violent behavior…

to The Miami Herald:

A sheriff’s deputy made the arrest Wednesday after discovering the boy’s injuries, which include a swollen and cut lip, multiple scratches and a knot on his forehead. The sheriff’s office also notified the Department of Children & Families of the incident. Duper admitted to being involved in a physical altercation with the boy, but claimed he acted in self-defense.

Over the course of “Super-Duper’s” career with the Miami Dolphins he caught 511 passes and scored 59 touchdowns. He has a court date set for April 11th.

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