BREAKING: Fugitive Who Killed Grandparents Holed Up in Oregon Motel — Cops Surround Building

Michael Chadd Boysen, the ex-con accused of killing his grandparents after they threw him a party for his release from prison on Friday in a Seattle suburb, is reportedly holed up in a motel in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Police have the motel surrounded.

michael chadd boysen oregon standoff

Cops have described Boysen as “extremely dangerous” and said he may have been searching for gun shows where he could purchase weapons. He had just served a year for burglary when he was picked up from prison on Friday by his 80-year-old grandmother and 82-year-old grandfather. He then allegedly killed them in their home and stole their car. He’s been on the loose since.

Here’s a Google street view of the Westshore Motel at 3127 S.W. Anchor Ave. in Lincoln City, where Boysen is thought to be holed up:

michael chadd boysen motel

Here’s a photo from the scene of cops unloading a robot to aid their cause in the standoff (via @LincolnGraves):

michael chadd boysen oregon standoff