NYU Student Invents Life-Saving Blood-Clotting Goo [VIDEO]

20-year-old Joe Landolina

20-year-old Joe Landolina; Facebook

While most college students are investigating the physics of beer-pong, some are creating revolutionary medical technology that could save lives.

Joe Landolina, 20, junior at NYU, has created “Veti-Gel” — a gel that Landolina says can stop heavy bleeding by instantly closing wounds.

Landolina, who is pursuing both a bachelor’s degree in bio-molecular and chemical engineering as well as a master’s in bio-medical engineering, believes the gel has the ability mend major wounds to internal organs and key arteries.

Landolina could make billions and save lives before he’s old enough to drink.


In an interview with the New York Post, Landolina explains how the goo is an artificial version of something called the extracellular matrix, which makes up the connective tissue that helps hold animal bodies together. The college student began testing on rodents and was able to stop bleeding instantly after slicing their livers and carotid arteries. Then the precocious entrepreneur moved up the food chain and began testing the gel on slabs of fresh pork loin. The outcomes were so successful he was able to create a video demonstration of the bloody experiment (WARNING: blood):

As seen in the video, although the blood initially flows freely, it completely stops after Landolina applies the gel and a second liquid which speeds coagulation.

The Veti-Gel was initially intended for veterinary practices, but the college student told MailOnline that he hopes the gel will be manufactured for humans as it could be particularly beneficial for accident victims, combat soldiers, and surgical patients.

Landolina has applied for a patent and is beginning the FDA approval process. He also intends to apply for a grant from the Department of Defense which he hope some day will be a client.

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