Pedro Quezada, Powerball Winner: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Pedro Quezada Powerball Winner, Powerball Winner

Pedro Quezada is the New Jersey man who won $338.3 million in the fourth-largest jackpot in Powerball history. Here’s what you need to know about the lucky winner.

Pedro Quezada Powerball Winner, Powerball Winner

Lotto winner Pedro Quezada stands with with his wife, Ines Sanchez, and daughter.

1. The Winner, Pedro Quezada, is a Bodega Owner
Pedro Quezada is the 44-year-old lucky winner of the $338.3 million Powerball jackpot, reports The Daily Mail. The father of five is described as a hard worker who runs a bodega near the liquor store where he purchased the ticket. Quezada didn’t find out that he was the winner until he checked his numbers at the store. He immediately called his wife, Ines, to tell her to good news.

“I’m the millionaire, Ines, put on the TV so you can see me, or come down to the liquor store right now,” Quezada shouted.

2. The Winning Numbers Were 17, 29, 31, 52, 53 and Powerball 31.
Quezada is the only winner of the jackpot, but 13 other tickets matched all five numbers earning them $1 million each. The million dollar tickets were sold in Arizona, Florida (2), Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania (2), South Carolina and Virginia.

3. Quezada Bought the Winning Ticket at Eagle Liquors in Passaic, New Jersey

Pedro Quezada, Pedro Quezada Powerball Winner, Eagle Liquors Passaic New Jersey

Quezada bought the winning ticket at Eagle Liquors in Passaic, New Jersey. The store owner, Sunil Sethi, who is very proud to have sold the ticket, will receive $10,000.

4. The Same Store Won $156,000
Eagle Liquors has sold winning lottery tickets before, but not any nearly as much as the most recent winning. Last year the store sold a ticket worth $156,000. Sethi said that his store is one of the luckiest in the area.

Passaic, Powerball Winner, Pedro Quezada, Pedro Quezada Powerball Winner

Passaic, New Jersey is the home of lotto winner Pedro Quezada.

5. Passaic’s Typical Income is $26,000
Passaic, New Jersey’s typical household income is $26,000, reports Half the children live in poverty and half of the adults lack a high school diploma. Only 10 percent of residents own their own homes.

“He don’t have to work no more,” the store owner said. “If he is living in Passaic, he’s definitely moving out.”

6. Quezada Chose to Take a $221 Million Lump Sum
Quezada chose to cash out on the jackpot for a lump sum of $221 million. After taxes, the winnings will dwindle down to $151.9 million, but who’s complaining?

7. His First Priority is to Help His Family

Powerball Winner, Pedro Quezada

Quezada’s son, Casino.

Quezada said that the first thing he is going to do with the winnings is take care of his family.

8. He Grew Up in the Dominican Republic
Quezada is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic. He grew up in Santo Domingo and has lived in Passaic since he came over to the United States as a young man.

9. The Winner Bought Lottery Tickets Every Day
The lucky winner said he went to the same liquor store to buy alcohol and a ticket every day.

10. Quezada is a Hardworking Man
Pedro Quezada is described as a very hardworking person who goes into work early and leaves late. Eladia Vazquez has lived across the street from Quezada for 25 years and said that he seems to be working all the time.

“This is super for all of us on this block,” she said. “They deserve it because they are hardworking people.”

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