Police Officer Punches Woman During Nightclub Brawl [VIDEO]

Elizabeth, New Jersey police are currently investigating a video that shows a police officer punching a female in the face outside of a club, all while a brawl was erupting.

The 20-second clip has since been taken down on YouTube, which was titled “Woman punched in the face by cop during brawl at club envy NJ.” Before the video was taken down, it garnered 6,000 views. The video, which was shot with a cell phone, shows a cop and a group of people emerging from a large crowd. At one point during the altercation, the cop rears back and punches a woman right in the face.

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NBC New York reported that Elizabeth, New Jersey police are investigating the incident. No information on what occurred before this brawl is available at this time.

Cop Punches Woman

Police officer Jonathan Josey and the woman he punched/arrested, Aida Gusman.

The cops have been in the news recently over similar acts like this one. Back in October 2012, a cop appeared to have punched a woman during Philadelphia’s Puerto Rican Day parade.

Aida Gusman, 39, was the woman who was struck by Lt. Jonathan Josey, a then 19-year veteran of the police. Aida can be seen throwing something in the direction of a group of officers. Then without warning, Lt. Josey strikes her, knocks her to the ground and is then handcuffed.

Fox News Latino reported that the officer was actually acquitted of his crime. The judge, Patrick Dugan, unsurprisingly came under fire for her decision.

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