Maine State Lotto Giving Out Quickies, I mean, Kwikies


A few weeks ago, the Maine State Lottery sent out a memo to its 1,300 retailers saying its plans to name its instant scratch tickets “Kwikies,” and some people are just not into it. Don’t let the cute spelling fool you, these Kwikies are pronounced the same way as quickies.

In case you didn’t learn this term in middle school or from the 90s R&B music trio TLC, a quickie is a “brief or spontaneous episode of sexual activity,” and now lotto ticket buyers and sellers are finding themselves in awkward situations at the counter.

Maine State Lotto new "Kwikie" scratch-Off ticket

“I thought that’s going to be real uncomfortable for my girls behind the register to have guys come in and say ‘Hey, give me a Kwikie,’” said David Welch, owner of Village Market in Fairfield, told the Bangor Daily News.

But Gerry Reid, director of the Maine Bureau Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations, says there was no intended foul play and that the racy “kwikie” was not meant to be sexual. In defense of the controversial moniker, Reid explained, “The benefit of buying this ticket is that it’s quick, easy and fun.”

Yeah, Gerry, you literally just defined a kwikie and a quickie at the same time.

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Reid also said it took the bureau three to four months “trying to land on a name to encompass all of its scratch tickets.” In fact, they went through almost 60 names before deciding on the oh-so-original Kwikies.

Maine’s unnamed scratch-off tickets drive two-thirds of the state’s lottery business, and Reid believes branding the game will boost ticket sales and make the state more money.

colorado lotto scratch-n-sniff

Colorado Scratch-n-Sniff lotto tickets

Other states have tried different marketing ploys to entice ticket buyers. For example, in 2008 the Colorado Lottery began selling $3 scented “Scratch-n-Sniff” Crossword tickets, which came in three flavors: Crossword Bouquet, Chocolate Crossword and Coffee Crossword. So if you didn’t win any money, at least you had a piece of paper that smells like something it shouldn’t.

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